Advice About Hiring Writers Gives Freelance Writers Important Clues


hiring writersEver wish you could spy on those folks actually hiring writers? What clues might you find? How do they think? What makes them decide one writer over another? Any information on these issues is welcomed.

I clicked on a link that I think I’m going to reference on my pro site.

It’s called Tips, Tools & Resources to Find Great Freelance Writers for Hire by Megan Krause for something called Vertical Measures. The article showed up serendipitously on a google search. (Megan seems to write quite regularly for them, and I found other articles of interest to me, but I digress.)

The first roughly half of the article addresses just about everything we freelance writers for hire gripe about when we mutter about the folks who hire us. Since this article is aimed at our customer, it seems worth studying. Not only are we likely to lean something, we could use of these ideas could be used by us when we’re demonstrating our value to existing and potential clients.

Her advice to companies about what figuring out what they need to know to hire a writer that will meet or exceed their needs is darn close to revolutionary! She even sets out some pay rates that look good.

Writing services

Megan also suggests that businesses can find writers through writing services. As a writer looking for work I’ve always stayed away from these because I’ve found their pay rates to be poor and the support of the writer almost nil. Maybe I’ve not looked closely enough.

Social media to show my chops?

I haven’t thought much of shaping my social media posts in order to generate interest in my writing. I can see how that might become a valuable strategy – something I will be thinking about more now.

Work with a digital agency

I’m sure there are some digital agencies hiring writers. Vertical Measures doesn’t seem to be one of them unless you want to work in their Phoenix offices – not my definition of freelance at all. Who knows, you might love it. And I’ll bet there are digital agencies who would love hiring writers who work from home.

I want more about business hiring writers!

I wanted to know more so I googled how to hire writers 2018. Yikes, millions of pages, and a bunch of dreck too. That’s one reason I added the year – advice from 1999 probably doesn’t totally apply.

One middling example is Hire a freelancer writer in 2018 and get a good return on money you spend on outsourcing. It’s a long guide and you need to read it if only to discover where some of the notions about low pay for writers come from. I would guess following this advice the employer would receive only marginal ROI. Use it to build counter ideas demonstrating your value. It does, I fear, reflect the thinking of many – which only means we have to do some educating.

Google your way to hiring writers insights

You can search on much more specific terms. I’ll spend some time with how to get hired as a book writer in 2018 and the same as a life coach.

It turns out we can look to business to tell us what business is thinking. Consider Forbes’

The Secrets To Hiring And Developing The Best Copywriters For Your Website. And How to Find, Hire, and Work with Freelance Writers. There’s How To Hire Freelance Writers: A 5-Step Guide and many many more. You don’t need to read them all, and you won’t agree with everything they say, particularly around pay.

You will, however, gain valuable insight into how business thinks about us. Those insights will help you build more effective pitches and become better at your business. Not bad for reading a handful of articles.

Make sense? Let us know what you think of this learning and marketing idea in comments.

Write well, and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer



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