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A recent gathering at the Ballarat Tech Park, presented by local MP Catherine King, provided the LBWR group with insight into the workings of local, state and federal governments.

Her presentation was a prelude to a much-anticipated trip to Canberra.

The LBWR group appreciated being given an overview of the political structure and a look into the various roles and responsibilities of elected members in the political system.

For people in leadership at this upper level it is testing, and the political landscape certainly presents a diverse range of challenges, frustrations, negotiation and, at times, successes.

Politics is not for everyone and although we go along and vote at elections, do we really value the power in our vote to ensure we put forward the best advocate for our region?

After hearing Ms King speak, I certainly hold greater appreciation of any person wanting to represent their community at this level and work toward making a positive impact.

The rest of the night was an informative rapid fire – a mini-leadership masterclass focusing on adaptive leadership.

Embracing complexity, exercising leadership and working with power, presented to us was a practical framework with fantastic insight into a set of skills and analytical processes.

Us emerging leaders can all utilise these skills individually and within our organisations, to take on the gradual process of change.

It’s about diagnosing what’s essential, understanding what’s at the core and being aware of our emotional intelligence and that of others.

The adaptive framework model is a valuable tool to diagnose, interrupt and innovate – creating capabilities true to organisational aspirations and challenges.

Adaptive leadership is an extremely informative and valuable skill for real-life challenges.

Small steps with the end goal being collective impact.

Jeremy Foster, Leadership Ballarat and Western Region



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