90 Second Leadership – Emotional Intelligence


90 Second Leadership – Emotional Intelligence

Let’s discuss emotional intelligence. I’ll provide a framework so that you can have a good coaching conversation with your leaders to take them to the next level of leadership.

The quadrant of emotional intelligence consists of self management, social management, self awareness, and social awareness.

In order to lead well, you have to be aware of yourself. Self awareness basically answers the question, “How am I spending my time? Am I doing the things as a leader that are important?” These questions lead us to self management. “Am I managing my time well? Am I managing my communication well? Am I sending emails and responding to them? Am I responding to phone calls in a timely manner?”

Most of the time, people are good at one thing or the other. They may be very self aware and manage themselves well, however, they may lack the social awareness to know the words they say, what they do, and how it affects others. Social management is where a lot of leaders mess up. They are unaware of how what they do and say affects the entire organization.

So it’s important when you’re looking at emotional intelligence to understand that most of us are weak in one area. Figuring out where you and your leaders are weak and addressing those issues is really important.

With this framework, what are you going to do about it?



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