5 jobs every company will be hiring for by 2020


The world today is progressing at a rate that was never seen before. With things like globalisation coming into the picture, the world has indeed become a much smaller place. This sort of massive change has brought about subsequent moderations in the overall job scene. On a positive note, we can observe that India has not been left behind. Like every other progressing nation, the job scene in the country has undergone a transformation in the last 10 years. This is a positive wave as statistics show that the unemployment rate is coming down with each passing year.

Economists have predicted that whatever changes have happened in the last 10 years are only a precap to all that is to come. The future does look promising for those who are into skill building and are set to work hard. In this era of multispecialty, there are a lot of career choices from which one can make their pick.

5 Jobs For 2020

Depending on the sector a company is based in, they decide which type of people to hire. However, there are people in certain job roles that every company will need in the next 2 years. This article talks about 5 such job roles every company will be hiring for by 2020.

1. Product Designers

These days there is a growing demand for people who come up with better designs for an existing commodity. Mankind has reached a point wherein consumers are ready to shell out any amount of money for a product that caters their needs better than those already available in the market.

Firms and organisations are banking on this to make the maximum amount of money possible. What this means is that product designers play an important role in making businesses earn their revenue. The same is expected to rise by 2020.

People with the skill set of developing something new will take up the job roles of industrial and commercial designers. They will be responsible for the design planning and implementation of cars, appliances and gadgets.

Any company, irrespective of whether it is in the manufacturing sector or not, will require the expertise of people who can design things in such a way that they optimise the revenue of the company.

2. Human Resource Specialists

With digitalisation coming into the picture, there has been a massive change in the way organisations work. More such chances are expected to take place in the next couple of years. To deal with such waves of changes, companies will require a sufficient number of employees with the required skill set.

Now, for any organisation, it is more viable to train their existing employees with what they need instead of hiring an entirely new set of employees. This sort of training and talent management is possible only if the organisational development team (or the human resource team as it is called in many places) is competent enough.

Thus, companies are now realising that the progress of the organisation is possible only when there is sufficient investment in the human resource sector. With this, a number of job opportunities are coming up in this field and the same is expected to rise by 2020.

Thus, candidates who are studying human resource management at the moment will find ample employment opportunities in the market once they graduate.

3. Regulatory And Relations Expert

With technology taking giant leaps, companies are taking better precautionary measures in order to ensure that what they are not in violation of the laws of the land. The laws that we shall talk about here may be environmental or moral in nature.

As for an example, these days a number of companies are working in the areas of 5G communication. In the manufacturing sector, the same can be said in the context of automated cars. Companies working in these sectors have to ensure that there is no security breach or violation of private data.

The manufactures need to be sure that the cars that drive themselves will adhere to the driving rules of the country. In order to ensure such a thing, almost all types of companies require the service of regulatory and relations experts whose primary task is to ensure that the company does not engage in any illegal activities.

4. Engineering

The last 5 decades saw the emergence of a number of engineering courses. The original core disciplines have not lost their importance as well. The same is expected to continue in the coming years. This is especially true in the field of IT.

With research in the fields of biochemical engineering, nanotechnology, robotics and material science going on in full swing, more jobs are expected to be created in that sector. Other jobs related to mathematics and technology (like that of architecture, software development, information security analysts) are also expected to rise.

Cumulatively, all of these branches are expected to provide employment to 2 million people by 2020. Another noteworthy point in this context is the fact that jobs in this sector are highly paid as compared to most other fresher-level jobs. Also, these days there are very few companies that do not hire engineers at all.

5. Data Analysts

As most of us are aware, with every passing day, automation is replacing human labour. At the core of the automation industry lies that of data science. This is because, for any product or service to automate and have maximum efficiency, they need more data; the more data they have, the better the performance will be.

Now, the collection of data is something that a machine can do. Deducing meaningful information out of the same is something that requires human intervention. With the amount of data on use increasing by the minute, every industry requires the services of professionally qualified data analysts in order to improve the quality of services that they have to offer. What this means is that qualified professionals in this field will find no dearth of employment opportunities even in 2020.



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