19 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Justice League The Movie


Unless something dramatic happens, 19 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Wonder Woman The Movie will be my most read post of 2017.  As a result, I was very excited to be part of opening night for the latest DC Comics installments Justice League.  I was not disappointed.

In this movie, Batman, played by Ben Affleck, and Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, recruit additional team members to help save the world from an evil entity named Steppenwolf.  If you like tons of action, big sound, and lots of stuff exploding, this is the movie for you!  Just lean back and enjoy the spectacle.

The following are 19 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Justice League The Movie:

  1. Hope Is Easy To Lose – Superman said, “Hope is like car keys.  Easy to lose but if you dig around they’re easy to find.”
  2. Leaders Do Not Confuse Activity With Accomplishment – Wayne told Alfred, “I don’t have to recognize this world.  I just have to save it.”
  3. Great Leaders Are Great Team Builders – Bruce Wayne recruited The Flash/Barry Allen by saying, “I’m putting together a team of people with special abilities.”
  4. One Of The Reasons People Join Teams Is They Need Friends – The conversation between Wayne and Allen continued.  Allen said, “Stop right there. I’m in… Yeah, I… I need… friends.”
  5. Genius Is Making The Complicated Simple, Not The Simple Complicated – Wayne said to Allen, “So you’re fast.”  To which Allen replied, “That feels like an oversimplification.”
  6. Financial Leaders Can Make A Disproportionately Positive Impact – The Flash/Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller, asked Bruce Wayne, “What are your superpowers again?”  Wayne replied, “I’m rich.”
  7. Effective Leadership Has a Strong Sense Of Urgency – Diana Prince said, “People said the Age of Heroes would never come again.”  Wayne replied, “It has to. We don’t have any more time!”
  8. Great Leaders Know How To Craft A Compelling Vision – When searching for Aquaman, Wayne told the townspeople, “I believe that an enemy is coming from far away. I’m looking for warriors, this stranger. Others like him. I’m building an alliance to defend us. It’s very important that I see this man.”
  9. One Can Put A Thousand To Flight.  Two Can Put Ten Thousand To Flight. – Arthur Curry/Aquaman said to Wayne, “A strong man is strongest alone, ever heard that?”  Wayne replied, “That’s not the saying, that’s like the opposite of what the saying is.”
  10. For Leaders, Every Need Level Brings New Devils – Alfred made the observation to Wayne, “I miss the days whens one’s biggest concern is exploding wind-up penguins.”
  11. Great Leaders Call People To Action – Wayne said, “The Tribes of Men act like the doomsday clock has a snooze button.”
  12. Great Leaders Make People See The Best Parts Of Themselves – Wayne reflected, “Superman was a beacon to the world. Diana, you don’t just save people, you make them see the best parts of themselves.”
  13. There Are Perks And A Great Price To Technology – Prince said, “Technology without reason, without heart destroys us.”
  14. Smart People Helps Those On Their Teams With Simple Next Steps – When attempting to rescue a group of hostages, Batman told Flash, “Save one.”
  15. Valuable Team Members Have A Specific Role In The Team’s Success – Wayne said, “The world needs Superman.  The team needs Clark.”
  16. Leaders Should Never Call People To A Vision That Is Not Worth Giving Your Life For – Prince said, “Leaders get people killed… This is worth your life.”
  17. Great Leaders Do Not Take No For An Answer.  They Find A Way.  They Solve Problems. – Regarding getting his farm back from foreclosure, Clark Kent asked Wayne, “What did you do?”  Wayne said, “I bought the bank.”
  18. Lois Lane, played by the returning Amy Adams, concluded, “The truest darkness is not absence of light but that light will never return… But the light always returns…  Hope is real.  You can see it.  All you have to do is look up into the sky.”
  19. Leave The People Wanting More – The second post-scene movie credit set up the next movie very nicely.

Once again, I had a great time watching this movie.  Sit back, get some popcorn, and enjoy two hours of fun.


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